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Aimee Kelly said:   
Dr Ahlfeld just did his third surgery on my knee. He is amazing! Love him!! I would highly recommend him to anyone!!!
Lindsey W said: 
A huge "Thank you" to Dr. Ahlfeld and Matt for the work they did on my knee. Dr. Ahlfeld was extremely thorough in going through what needed to be done with my knee and everything was done very quickly. Matt was great with my was all catered to what I needed and my ability. I was back on the soccer field in 6 weeks! Awesome work guys!!!
Earl F. Davis said:  
I had my left knee replaced by Dr. Ahlfeld 12 years ago and I'm doing great. I love to bowl and my left leg is my stride leg. I also walk 9 holes of golf 5 days a week. Thanks Doc.
Marissa Collier said:  
A huge thank you to Dr. Ahlfeld and Dr. Matt in helping me through shoulder surgery and recovery. As a volleyball player, it was essential for my shoulder to be back at 100% in order to compete and be the best athlete possible. The team did an incredible job in helping me get my strength and confidence back. Without them, I would not be able to play and start at the D1 level at Butler University battling in the Big East. My shoulder is a non factor today and it's all thanks to the expertise of the Ahlfeld Sports Medicine Team! Thank you again!
Gary Scott said:
I would like to thank Dr. Ahlfeld and Dr. Sowder for the care, concern and medical expertise afforded me while repairing and rehabbing my shoulder.....twice! The rotator cuff in my shoulder was torn in two separate incidences and both times Dr. Ahlfeld was able to successfully reconstruct the area. Rehab was started the day after each surgery and as a result of the skill of Dr. Ahlfeld and expert guidance of Dr. Sowder, I was able to return to an active life style of running, cycling and playing golf. Because of the complex nature of a shoulder surgery, I feel very glad I had the Ahlfeld Team in my court. Thanks again.

Madison Salomon said:   
I just want to give a huge thank you to Dr. Ahlfeld, Dr. Matt and the rest of the team. After two ACL/meniscus surgeries, I began dancing with the strength and confidence I never thought I'd get back after receiving my injuries. I returned to my ballet, modern, and jazz classes and finished my senior year strong thanks to the intensive therapy. The Ahlfeld team is fantastic and now so is my knee, thanks to them!

Dave Bradford said:  
I just wanted you and your staff to know that I finished the recent Mini Marathon in a time of 1:51:53, with a pace of 8:38 per mile. Thanks to you and your team for the successful surgery performed on my knee on March 6th of this year. Amazingly, only 60 days later I was able to run the entire course pain free. Many thanks again and I hope to see you soon, but not in a professional setting.

Wes White said:   
Big thanks to Dr. Ahlfeld, Dr. Sowder, and the rest of the Ahlfeld Sports Medicine Team. I tore my achilles tendon playing basketball on a Sunday, called the emergency number and Dr. Ahlfeld called me back that night to set up an appointment for the next day. Scheduled the surgery a few days later and was rehabbing within months. Dr. Sowder worked with me through a long distance rehabilitation process and was available for contact at anytime. It has been a year now and I am back healthy in big part to the care I received from Ahlfeld Sports Medicine. These people care about your well being. I highly recommend the Ahlfeld Sports Medicine team. Thanks guys!

Jordan Sanders said:  
Thanks to Dr. Ahlfeld, Dr. Matt, and the rest of the team, I am able to participate in the sports I love, without the pain that I had before my knee surgery. It was to the point that playing in the yard with my kids was painful for me and now I am able to chase them all over the place. You could not ask for a better team if you are considering orthopedic surgery.

Jo St John said:   
Best decision I ever made was to get a second opinion on knee replacement recommended by another facility. Dr Ahlfeld recommended arthroscopic surgery instead. After having surgery one both knees approximately a year apart and lots of therapy with Dr Matt, I am happy to say that I am regularly exercising on a bike and elliptical and gardening. I am nearly pain free which is amazing considering where how much pain I was in pre-surgery. I highly recommend this team to get you back on your feet. Particular thanks to Matt for all his support and encouragement during rehab. You're the best!

Deb Blake said:   
Thank you all so much for the work you did on my knee. The surgery and rehab process went very well and I am now pain free and able to stand at work all day more comfortably! Thank you all for helping me along the way. Deb West Lafayette

Judy Atherton said:   
Words of praise will never express the positive feeling I have for the Ahlfeld Sports Medicine group. Surgery was successful and therapy changed the outcome. With a lot of hard work from Matt (and me,) I can honestly say I feel 100 % recovered. Cannot recommend these professionals highly enough.
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