Physical Therapy and Rehabiliation

  Common issues seen by Physical Therapy
  • Rotator Cuff Tendonitis
  • Shoulder Impingement
  • Patellar Pain
  • Hip Bursitis
  • Muscle Strains
  • IT Band Syndrome
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Achilles Tendonitis
  • Scapular Dysfunction

   Common Physical Therapy treatments

  • Targeted Muscle Strengthening
  • Hands-on Mobilization
  • Sport-Specific Rehab
  • Kinesiotaping
  • Graston Technique
  • Custom Orthotics
  • Electrical Stimulation
  • Running Analysis and Correction
  • Ultrasound/Cortisone

Surgery Rehab

Following any surgical procedure, our patients immediately begin a rehabilitation program to help speed along the recovery process and assist with patient comfort. Therapy will be custom designed to each patient's needs and individual therapist attention will be provided at all times. All of our rehabiliation treatments are backed by research and years of experience with all types of patients. Our patients typically see remarkably faster recovery periods with signifcantly less discomfort throughout the rehab procress. Whether your goal is to return to varsity sports, get back to work quickly or simply be able to play with the grandkids, we’ll strive to get you back quickly and comfortably.

Non-surgery Rehab

For patients that do not require surgery, physical therapy is a proven way to decrease pain and restore function. We pride ourselves
assessment of in not just providing generic types of treatments and any treatments recommended will be based on thorough and proper evaluation of each patient. For patient experience pain, modalities such as cortisone, ultrasound and taping are availble to add comfort. For other that see a lack of performance due to a tightness or weakness, manual therapy augmented with specific muscle control exercise may be needed. Whatever the injury or discrepancy, we will find the cause and treat accordingly. Don't be fooled by quick fixes and marketing tactics. Unlike other types of clinicians, as a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Dr. Matthew Sowder possesses the knowledge and ability to evaluate your limitations, design a treatment plan and provide education on maintenance and proper mechanics. 

A patient performing plyometrics 5 weeks following
ACL Reconstruction.

Rehab Protocols


ACL Prevention Program

Phase 1 - Dynamic Stabilization and Core Strength
Session 1
  • Deep hold squats (knees inline) 10x5"
  • Forward jump to deep hold x20
  • Lateral jump to deep hold x10ea
  • Single leg squat hold (knee inline) 10x5"ea
  • Single leg deadlifts (stiff knee) x20ea
  • Double leg bridges x50
  • Sidelying leg lifts x25ea
  • Superman raises x50
Session 2
  • Box drop deep hold squats 10x5"
  • Deep hold squats with ball toss 10x10
  • Single leg lunge hold 5x5"ea
  • Single leg lateral lunge hold 5x5"ea
  • Lateral walk with resistance band 2x50ft
  • Monster walk with resistance band 2x50ft
  • Side plank holds x1'ea
  • Frog bridges x50
Phase 2 - Functional Strength
Session 1
  • Back leg elevated split squats x20ea
  • Box jump up with deep hold x20
  • Box jump down with deep hold x20
  • Single leg deadlift with reistance x20
  • Resisted lateral shuffling 2x50ft
  • Single leg bridges x25ea
  • Side planks with top leg lifts x25ea
  • V-up x50
  • Resisted or incline running x10sprints
Session 2
  • Double leg rapid squats x 1'
  • Split squats with toe raise 2x20
  • Single leg cushion hop with hold x20ea
  • Single leg lateral cushion hop with hold x20ea
  • Single leg X-hop x20ea
  • Lateral lunges x20ea
  • Supine Swiss ball hamstring curl x50
  • Hip Abduction on all fours x25ea
Phase 3 - Power Development
Session 1
  • Line jumps lateral x 1'
  • Line jumps fwd/back x1'
  • Line jumps 4-way with max vertical x1'
  • 180º jumps x20
  • Nordic hamstring curls x25
  • Russian twists with throws x25ea
  • Broad jumps with deep holds 2x50ft
Session 2
  • Tuck Jumps x25
  • Broad Jumps with maximum vertical 2x50ft
  • Zig Zag broad jumps 2x50ft
  • Zig Zag slalom jumps 2x50ft
  • Pistol box squats x25 each
  • Single leg balance with perturbations x1'
  • Swiss ball trunk extensions x50
Phase 4 - Sport Specific Performance
Session 1
  • Tuck jumps x25
  • Lunge jumps x25ea
  • 180º broad jumps x25ea
  • Box drop off broad jumps x25
  • Box drop off max height jumps x25
  • Forward hurdle jumps x25
  • Lateral hurdle jumps x25ea
  • Overhead weight squats x25
Session 2
  • Lunge jumps for height x25ea
  • Box drop off single leg broad jumps x10ea
  • Box drop off single leg max height jumps x10ea
  • Forward hurdle single leg jumps x10ea
  • Lateral hurdle single leg jumps x10ea
  • Lateral box drop off max vertical jump x25ea
  • Weighted nordic hamstring curls x25
  • Rapid lateral slalom hops 2x1'

ACL Prevention Program Rules and Guidelines

Athlete must demonstrate proper technique with all exercises.  Special emphasis should be placed on knee alignment.  The knees should not translate past the toes during all squats and landings.

The knees should remain over the athletes foot, no allowing a valgus or "knock knee" position during landings.
Each session should be performed with the athlete properly warmed up buy not fatigured to ensure quality movements.  Each session should take between 5-15 mintues with minimal rest required between exercises.
The athlete should spend at least 2 weeks in each phase of the program.  Sessions can be performed on back to back days.

The athlete can move to the next phase when all movements are performed with proper technique and athleticism.  The entire program should last 8-12 weeks and prepare the athlete for an upcoming sport season to help mitigate the risk of non-contact ACL injury.
Normal off-season weight training, conditioning and sport specific activity can be utilized during this program.  The is program is meant to be a supplemental preseason program. 

Off-season weight programming should emphasize hip/core strengthening as well as lower extremity compounding lifts. The athlete should also integrate both double leg and single leg momements into their weight training programs to properly mimic sport mechanics.

Rehab Resources

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